Important Names of the Tourism and Gastronomy Sector Meet at F-SUMMIT for the 'Future of the Hospitality Sector'!

The leading names of the Tourism and Gastronomy Sector coming together once again at the ‘2nd International Tourism Gastronomy, Investments and Hospitality Summit, F-SUMMIT! The theme of the event, which will take place on February 22-23, 2022 at Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel, Cosmos City & Performance Hall, will be held with the concept of “FUTURE OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY”.

The International Tourism Gastronomy and Hospitality Summit, which was held for the first time last year, aims to act as a bridge between the national and international business world and pave the way for new steps to be taken for the development of the hospitality sector. In today’s world, where gastronomic tourism is gradually developing in our country, it has vital importance to follow the innovations in the world and integrate it into the hospitality sector. At the first summit held last year, FSUMMIT offered a full program to its guests with panels and workshops with the participation of more than 100 speakers from Turkey and abroad, company solution demonstrations, new product promotions and tasting events and brought together the leading companies of the hospitality indusrty with its booth areas where dozens of brands are located. The event, which welcomes all levels of the industry from professionals who have a say in the hospitaliy industry to large catering companies, from hotel managers to product suppliers, and from professional chefs to food  writers, is a gastronomic summit where different voices meet and new projects are designed!

F-SUMMIT, which will be held in Antalya, one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey, is also of great importance in terms of bringing together the international names of the Hospitality Industry in this city.

Event Location

Antalya, as one of the favourite and the most preferred tourism destinations in Turkey and Europe, hosts 2nd International Tourism Gastronomy and Hospitality Summit: FSUMMIT. We aim to bring Antalya into the forefront with its gastronomical and agricultural development as well as its success in tourism.